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17 Apr 2014 12:09:55 GMT

Paul Weller has never been backwards in coming forwards when it comes to discussing his influences. Inevitably then, some fans (like me) are a bit sad and look for those influences when they hear something new by him.

In other words, Paul has a new single coming out soon to presage his latest greatest hits compilation, More Modern Classics. The track is called Brand New Toy and, to me, it sounds a bit like what would happen if Ray Davies and Steve Marriott were locked in a 2014 studio together. But do I just think that because I am very familiar with Davies's and Marriott's past works, and know of their influence on Weller? Or does it really sound like them?

Here it is - you decide.

What do you reckon?

08 Apr 2014 15:50:00 GMT

I guess at some point I ought to grow up.

Until then, however, I will take delight in comedy food packaging from around the world. Here are three examples from a recent trip to Flemish-speaking Belgium.

Half-wit bread
Half wit bread? Probably not brain food...

Plop biscuits
A biscuit called Plop. I find this funny, despite not being of pre-school age.

And my personal favourite...

Crack 'n Toast
...I prefer mine with Marmite.

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