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This page is a repository of the different software applications I've written and made publicly available over time. For the most part, these applications are freeware, with the exception of HAL, which is a shareware bargain at just �5 GBP per license. Looking back over these programs, well, I get a bit nostalgic - I don't really have the time to write stuff like this anymore, which is a shame as I have a killer idea for an app. Oh well. In the mean time, enjoy these if you like.

Version 1.0.1 (final) • Win2k+ • Freeware
This utility is designed for MS-Access database developers/administrators. It decrypts the database-level password of Access 95 and 97 databases, should you have forgotten them. A very niche product.

HALHandy Access Launcher (HAL)
Version 7.1.0 • Win2k+ • Shareware
HAL is a scheduling tool for MS-Access developers. It lets you schedule database compactions, repairs and macro runs and, unlike (say) Windows Task Scheduler, it lets you do this on secured databases without compromising your account security. HAL received a glowing review from Inside Access magazine, and was featured on the August 2004 cover disk of the Microsoft-affiliated Windows XP magazine. It's a proper program and everything...

Markup ProcessorMarkup Processor
Version 1.2.1 (final) • Win2k+ • Freeware
The great unfinished project. Markup Processor was my attempt to write a powerful html/script editor for web authors. It has lots of cool features: colour-coded syntax highlighting; HTML Tidy integration; HTML and CSS help built-in; wizards; and page previews. And it's lightweight, and loads a lot quicker than many comparable programs. I never did finish it though, so the spellchecker's not great (and relies on MS-Word), and there's no tag completion, a feature I'd really want if I was starting this from scratch. The biggest omission is the lack of word wrapping, but if you can live without that, Markup Processor is a handy bit of kit.

Estelle Skornik ScreensaverScreensavers
Various • Win2k+ • Freeware
From time to time I've built screensavers - nothing ground-breaking there, who hasn't? But I'll dig through the archives and make the best ones available to you, Constant Reader...

Sudoku SolverSudoku Generator/Solver
Version 1.1.0 (final) • Win2k+ • Freeware
In which I learnt to translate my classic Visual Basic programming skills to VB.Net. I wrote this way back in 2004, when sudoku were first gaining popularity here in the UK, and I wrote it mainly as an exercise in codifying logic - could I code the way I solve sudoku? The answer, for the most part, was yes, and this will solve all but the most diabolically fiendish sudoku. It'll generate millions of different puzzles too (and yes, I do know that some of the harder ones it generates fall into the "diabolically fiendish" category...)

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