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Just about the first web page I ever wrote, back in 1997, was a one-page guide to Dublin, because I'd just been there and wanted something to write about. To my surprise, that page became very popular, and probably accounts for around half of the visitor count you can find at the bottom of this page... so I wrote a few more such guides. I've largely eschewed the major cities of the world I've visited since then - what's the point in a one-man band like this site writing about New York or Sydney, when the rest of the Web has already got it covered? Instead, here are a few quick and dirty (in the rough and ready, not pervy, sense) to some towns and cities a bit closer to home. I try to keep them up-to-date as best I can, but if you find any glaring mistakes or obsolescence, please let me know, thanks. And if I ever get around to finishing the St Albans guide, that'll appear here too.

Canterbury CathedralCanterbury
There's more to this little city than the Cathedral, Thomas A'Becket, pilgrimage and all that, though the home of the Church of England does bestride the place like a finely carved colossus, and brings tourists from all over the world flocking. See beyond all that though, and there are fine pubs and restaurants just waiting to help you exchange your money for goods and services. Take a camera.

Chichester CrossChichester
A little place that makes a good base for touring West Sussex (Arundel, Bosham, Fishbourne...) but is also a fine attraction in its own right. Also home to one of the quaintest and most unusual cinemas I've ever been to and, on the whole, one town it is impossible to get lost in (North, East, South and West Streets...)

Ha'penny BridgeDublin
The fair city has changed a lot in recent times, as the Celtic Tiger economy has kicked in and EU redevelopment money has been spent. It's also been unfairly tarnished with a reputation for being swamped in stag and hen parties, but you shouldn't let that put you off. History, culture, the arts, diddly-dee cliché, cuisine and, importantly, beer are swirled together in a heady mix. Go there now!

Edinburgh CastleEdinburgh
World-renowned for its many festivals, Edinburgh is also home to countless historic landmarks and stunning architecture (I especially like the Victorian "new" town). Also home to the new Scottish Parliament, the Royal yacht Britannia, an amazing castle, an extinct volcano (no, really)... and lots more besides. Head north!

Norwich CathedralNorwich
Tucked away in the East, in a county with no motorways, is this gem of a city. One of very few UK cities with two cathedrals, Norwich also has a fine castle, a huge open market, more shops than anyone can sensibly need, rivers that take you to the Norfolk Broads, a Delia-endorsed football team, Colman's mustard, and more pubs than can be healthy for the average boy about town. Good work!

York MinsterYork
Famed for its Minster and Shambles and, more recently, for Autumnal and Winter flooding when the river bursts it banks, there's a lot to do in York, especially if you're interested in history. The Jorvik Viking Centre offers unprecedented, er, Viking-ness, and just think of the jokes you can make about having a good look at Clifford's Tower...

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