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Over the years, I've written all kinds of web content, some of it quite random. I have tried to rationalise it more these days to reflect my ongoing interests, as you can see from the menu bar (blog, music, software, travel...). But there are some old pages I just can't bear to retire, so I've bundled them all together here. Enjoy.

Bloke VoteBloke Vote
Here I pose a simple question to the blokes of the world, as a barometer of male opinion around the globe. Sounds grandiose, doesn't it? Don't worry, it isn't! Past surveys include "Carol Smillie or Carol Vorderman?", "Kylie or Dannii?" and "Geri or Posh?" whilst future surveys planned include such high-brow either/ors as... well, I'll think of something nearer the time.

Recommended software that I didn't write (you can find that here, by the way). There's all kind of other stuff here, some useful, some fun. They're all here because I use, or have used them, and find them to be decent. Try them for size.

These are some of the links I have bookmarked and come back to regularly, or that I think (from analysis of the searches that bring people like you here) will appeal to my readership. I am not affiliated with these sites - I just make the list available out of the goodness of my heart...

A selection of wallpapers I created in a past life, either from photographs I'd taken myself or from images I'd found online. The sea otter is a popular one, as is that of the gorgeous Melanie Sykes (left). There are ten in total, some offered in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

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