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Here I pose a simple question to the blokes of the world, as a barometer of male opinion around the globe. Sounds grandiose, doesn't it? Don't worry, it isn't! Past surveys include "Carol Smillie or Carol Vorderman?", "Kylie or Dannii?" and "Geri or Posh?" whilst future surveys planned include such high-brow either/ors as... well, I'll think of something nearer the time.

But enough of such high-minded talk. Let's consider...

Claudia Winkleman

Click either image for a closer look.

Tess Daly
The Audi TT: which is better looking, the original or the facelifted version? (24 votes cast)
Curvy original (83.3%) |||||||||||||||||||| Angular new version (16.7%)
Starlets: who'd you rather see on the red carpet? (10 votes cast)
Keira Knightley (80%) |||||||||||||||||||| Scarlett Johansson (20%)
Leading ladies: which Oscar-winning actresses gets your award? (24 votes cast)
Gwyneth Paltrow (54.2%) |||||||||||||||||||| Julia Roberts (45.8%)
Gardening goddesses: whose green fingers do you prefer? (15 votes cast)
Kim Wilde (26.7%) |||||||||||||||||||| Rachel De Thame (73.3%)
Changing Rooms eye-candy: who would you prefer for a makeover? (32 votes cast)
Anna-Ryder Richardson (37.5%) |||||||||||||||||||| Linda Barker (62.5%)
Aussies rule: which glorious Antipodean tempts you down under? (60 votes cast)
Nicole Kidman (66.7%) |||||||||||||||||||| Elle Macpherson (33.3%)
Robot Wars vs Scrapheap Challenge: which techie lass pushes your buttons? (143 votes cast)
Philippa Forrester (23.1%) |||||||||||||||||||| Lisa Rogers (76.9%)
Wimbledon wonders: who would you rather watch bounce round court? (121 votes cast)
Anna Kournikova (28.9%) |||||||||||||||||||| Daniela Hantuchova (71.1%)
Spice wars: which Spice tickles your tastebuds? (108 votes cast)
Geri Halliwell (81.5%) |||||||||||||||||||| Victoria Beckham (18.5%)
Saturday morning TV choices: which presenter would you rather watch? (30 votes cast)
Cat Deeley (60%) |||||||||||||||||||| Dani Behr (40%)
Minogue Mania: which Aussie songstress do you prefer? (279 votes cast)
Kylie Minogue (55.6%) |||||||||||||||||||| Dannii Minogue (44.4%)
Carol Wars: which Carol do you prefer? (117 votes cast)
Carol Smillie (56.4%) |||||||||||||||||||| Carol Vorderman (43.6%)

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