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  • Download - a veritable feast of downloadable software
  • E-Warehouse - get freeware, shareware and demo's online
  • Easter Eggs - find the goodies hidden in your favourite software
  • FAST FTP Search - find any file you want, any where
  • Freeware - so, theoretically, no nag messages (yeah, right)
  • Freeware Files - more freeware, but a bit more organised (and hence less exciting) than Freeware (above)
  • Last Free Version - a good idea that could do with a better search facility, this site hosts the last free version of some popular software.
  • Nonags - excellent freeware site, and each program has been given a very trustworthy Nonags rating.
  • Old Version - as the name suggests, let you download old versions of shareware and freeware.
  • Pricelessware - well worth a look, compiled over years and with wide input
  • Shareware - a close relative of the Download site above
  • Softseek - find the software of your dreams... if you have very sad dreams about software, that is!
  • Winsite - shareware for the Bill Gates world
  • ZDNet - a veritable feast... oh, you get the idea by now
  • Babes - trust me, your pin-up girl WILL be here, with pic's and FAQs
  • FHM - For Him Magazine, obviously
  • GQ - also for him and a magazine, but a bit less obviously
  • Loaded - the web-site for men who should know better
  • Maxim - a way of life, apparently
  • CD Covers - find the artwork for your CD collection
  • Cemetry Gates - a dreaded sunny day, so I'll meet you at this web-site...
  • Chordie - the guitar tab website of choice
  • Cooking Vinyl - rub Internet-shoulders with The Wedding Present & Billy Bragg
  • Island Records - home to all kinds of interesting artistes...
  • Parlophone - a fine site indeed; start here for Blur, Strangelove, The Sundays...
  • Q - the magazine for music and more...
  • Radiohead - their (bizarre) official site
  • Accessory - excellent resource for developers of Microsoft Access databases
  • Alumni Net - make yourself known to old Uni friends just by registering here
  • Amazon - buy an increasingly wide range of products, including books, CDs, DVDs, toys, gifts... cheap too.
  • Ant Veal's Good Pub Guide - insider info on fine houses of the publican... all worth a visit or twelve
  • Flash Earth - a bit like Google Earth in that you can zoom into places anywhere in the world, but you don't need a big software download, it's all Flash-based and in your browser. Interesting.
  • Great Weather - a one-stop resouce shop for all weather-heads.
  • Spacetime - interesting site offering detailed information about our solar system, especially near-Earth objects

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