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If your monitor is a traditional size (e.g. 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024), download the 4:3 ratio wallpapers. If your monitor is widescreen (e.g. 1280x768), download the 16:9 ratio wallpapers.

Nice beaver 4:3 ratio (621KB) Gwyneth 16:9 ratio (472KB)
4:3 ratio (119KB)
Jasmine 16:9 ratio (122KB)
4:3 ratio (119KB)
Kylie 16:9 ratio (137KB)
4:3 ratio (140KB)
Melanie 16:9 ratio (226KB)
4:3 ratio (230KB)
Raven and the First Men 4:3 ratio (429KB)
Samantha 16:9 ratio (187KB)
4:3 ratio (171KB)
Sea otter 4:3 ratio (556KB) Stonehenge 4:3 ratio (405KB)
Vancouver 4:3 ratio (419KB)

To download a wallpaper, right-click on a link above and select 'Save Target As...'.

To install, right-click on your current Desktop, click 'Properties'. In the resultant dialogue box, select the 'Desktop' tab and browse to wherever you've saved the wallpaper to. If necessary, select to a wallpaper position of 'Stretch', then click OK.

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